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From a fashion forward accessory company, Global Views is now your total home resource. Furniture designed with both style and comfort in mind, statement chandeliers, sconces and lamps, and an assortment of rugs and mirrors to complement, all add beauty and joy to your living environment.



  1. Acrylic Sconce-Nickel-HW

    Acrylic Sconce-Nickel-HW

    Elegant in style, our Acrylic Sconce has varying heights of acrylic tubes held in place by a solid brass nickel-plated central 'belt'. Narrow in depth and completely hides the light bulbs.

    Teardrop Glass Lamp-Orange

    Teardrop Glass Lamp-Orange

    The Teardrop Glass Lamp is mold formed glass on a crystal base. Holds one 60W "A" bulb and has a socket switch.

  2. Rock Pillow-Camel-Trapezoid Shape

    Rock Pillow-Camel-Trapezoid Shape

    Fine grained metamorphic rock that split into smooth flat plates or layers. Welsh slate mines and the compressed layers of rock formed over millions of years and its staggered form was the inspiration.

    Broken Pediment Mirror-Gold Leaf

    Broken Pediment Mirror-Gold Leaf

    A baroque style mirror having a gap at the apex and finished with gold leaf.

  3. Etched Bottle

    Etched Bottle

    Italian ceramic Etched Bottles are hand-formed and impressed with various shapes and designs. Dimension is added to the patterns with hand painting. Each size has a unique pattern.

    Daisy Vase

    Daisy Vase

    Italian ceramic with hand-painted design. Each vase is unique.

  4. Kathryn Bowls

    Kathryn Bowls

    The Kathryn bowls are a series of shallow, handmade Italian ceramic vessels decorated with Wabi-Sabi-inspired ink painting that evokes a true modern sensibility. The bowl sizes are perfect for a bedside jewelry catch, coffee table, bookshelf accessory or grouped to make a dramatic table setting.

    Framed Printed Canvas-Modernist-Moon-40"x50"

    Framed Printed Canvas-Modernist-Moon-40"x50"

    These beautiful paintings were created in-house for Global Views by our Creative Director, Mr. George Sellers and designer, Mr. Ely Sellers. They are reproductions of handpainted originals that were done on a coarse weave proprietary canvas. Framed in a very simplistic 1/2 inch thick by 1 inch deep matte black frame with a black reveal between the canvas and frame.

  5. ~Kimono Vase-Red

    ~Kimono Vase-Red

    These unique slip molded Portuguese ceramic vases were influenced by the shape of the Japanese kimono and are finished with a deep tomato red reactive glaze.

    Bull Vase-Antique White

    Bull Vase-Antique White

    Whimiscal in nature, these hand-formed, hand-cut Italian vases are dipped in an antique white glaze and fired at high temperatures. Create a statement with one or all three vases grouped together. Watertight.

  6. Fin Vase-Cinnabar

    Fin Vase-Cinnabar

    Our stunning Fin Vases are created by blowing colored-glass layers into a mold to produce red/orange glass. The clear glass fins are hand-cut while in a molten state and hand-applied by an artisan in a small art glass factory in the south-eastern point of Poland. Each piece is unique, so shape and color may vary.

    Elongated Oval Mirror-Nickel-Sm

    Elongated Oval Mirror-Nickel-Sm

    Substantial in size, the Elongated Oval Mirror has a beveled mirror and steel frame with nickel-plating in the perfect elliptical shape.

  7. Hippo Planter-Silver

    Hippo Planter-Silver

    A fun, whimsical ceramic planter with an electroplated silver finish. It's watertight making it perfect for plants or floral arrangements.

    Curved Corner Box-Light Grey

    Curved Corner Box-Light Grey

    Light grey cowhide leather is used on our Curved Corner Box. Beautiful stitching creates the simple yet sophisticated design of the box. Lined with matching suede cloth facbric.

  8. Simple Marble Vase-Black

    Simple Marble Vase-Black

    Our Simple Marble Vases are watertight. Cylinder shapes are formed from blocks of marble and hollowed by a lathe machine. Place medium size in the refridgerator to chill and then use as a champagne or wine cooler.

    S/4 Hammered Footed Wine Glasses-Clear W/Gold Rim

    S/4 Hammered Footed Wine Glasses-Clear W/Gold Rim

    Mouth blown glass with hammered texture and handpainted gold rim.

  9. Mod Metal Chair w/Brown Leather Seat Cover-Bronze

    Mod Metal Chair w/Brown Leather Seat Cover-Bronze

    Hand-forged sheet iron in a modern design. The seat surface is finished in dark brown cowhide leather using an artisanal French technique called gainage whereby leather is applied to a hard surface.

    H20 Vase-Luster Orange

    H20 Vase-Luster Orange

    Inspired by a droplet of water, this modern luster-coated glass shape with flat rim will hold your flowers artfully.

  10. Ellipse Bedside Cabinet-Ivory

    Ellipse Bedside Cabinet-Ivory

    The Ellipse Bedside Cabinet is generously sized with a perfect ellipse shape made of blonde stained American white oak veneers cut into quadrants to create a beautiful wood grain pattern. Covered in ivory leather and pewter metal finish.

    Fluted Side Table-Gold Leaf

    Fluted Side Table-Gold Leaf

    Inspired by the Victorian era, this cast iron table has decorative details with gold leaf finish and black granite top and base.

  11. Facette Lamp W/White Marble Base

    Facette Lamp W/White Marble Base

    Roger Thomas has collected eccentric faceted rock crystal shapes for 20 years. Stacking them in a delightful column was the inspiration for this design. White marble base and hardback fabric shade.

    Sphere Hero-Bronze

    Sphere Hero-Bronze

    The Sphere Hero is a whimsical sculpture created from cast iron with a brass geometric head. The exaggerated texture of the body with the juxtaposition to the smoothness of the head makes it the perfect conversation piece!

  12. Rock Pillow-Orange-Left

    Rock Pillow-Orange-Left

    These cushions are based on rock formation. The collection really came together after my trip to North Wales last year. Walking on the mountain ‘Knigt’, I was inspired by the many variation of shape and formation from very sharp to soft flowing forms.

    Center Ridge-Blue

    Center Ridge-Blue

    The center ridge on these Portuguese ceramic vessels show off the deep blue reactive glaze brilliantly.

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