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From a fashion forward accessory company, Global Views is now your total home resource. Furniture designed with both style and comfort in mind, statement chandeliers, sconces and lamps, and an assortment of rugs and mirrors to complement, all add beauty and joy to your living environment.



  1. Peppermint Box-Light Grey/Ivory

    Peppermint Box-Light Grey/Ivory

    Our Peppermint Boxes have hand-sewn leather panels in two colors creating a peppermint motif. With a removable lid and lined in suede cloth fabric.

    Pod Vase-Teal

    Pod Vase-Teal

    Beautifully organic shaped slip cast ceramic with a reactive glaze.

  2. Mod Metal Stool w/Grey Leather Seat Cover-Nickel

    Mod Metal Stool w/Grey Leather Seat Cover-Nickel

    Hand-forged sheet iron in a modern design. The seat surface is finished in dark grey cowhide leather using an artisanal French technique called gainage whereby leather is applied to a hard surface.

    Hands on Sphere Holders-Gold Leaf

    Hands on Sphere Holders-Gold Leaf

    Abstract hand shapes have been cast in solid iron with gold leaf finish and includes 5 inch crystal sphere.

  3. Ellipse Queen Bed-Ivory

    Ellipse Queen Bed-Ivory

    With gentle sweeping curves, our Ellipse Bed is covered in ivory leather and pewter metal finish with American white oak pie shaped veneer inserts creating a unique wood grain pattern. Headboard has a finished back so it can be positioned anywhere in a room. 5" box spring is recommended to achieve to the perfect mattress height.

    Crowd Sculpture

    Crowd Sculpture

    An artistic gathering of people together, The Crowd Sculpture is cast iron positioned on 5 brass bars and mounted on black granite.

  4. Facette Lamp W/Black Marble Base

    Facette Lamp W/Black Marble Base

    Roger Thomas has collected eccentric faceted rock crystal shapes for 20 years. Stacking them in a delightful column was the inspiration for this design. Black granite base and hardback fabric shade.

    Cube Hero

    Cube Hero

    The Cube Hero is a whimsical sculpture created from cast iron with a brass geometric head. The exaggerated texture of the body with the juxtaposition to the smoothness of the head makes it the perfect conversation piece!

  5. Rock Pillow-Orange-Pebble Shape

    Rock Pillow-Orange-Pebble Shape

    These cushions are based on rock formation. The collection really came together after my trip to North Wales last year. Walking on the mountain ‘Knigt’, I was inspired by the many variation of shape and formation from very sharp to soft flowing forms.

    Golden Slant Vase

    Golden Slant Vase

    The Golden Slant Vase is handblown by artisans in Italy. Thick clear glass joins solid gold leaf accents to create the perfect decorative accent.

  6. ~L'Homme Stool-Black

    ~L'Homme Stool-Black

    Carved from a solid piece of marble, with a beautiful honed finish, this figurative stool is sophisticated, timeless, and chic.

    Slipper Sectional-Heather Grey

    Slipper Sectional-Heather Grey

    The radiantly pleated rolled arms with center button detail makes our Slipper Sectional so exquisite. The elegant dressmaker skirt falls from deck to floor – each panel held in place with decorative buttons. The reversible cushions are fastened with elastic straps and hooks. Offered in beautiful pre-treated stain resistant woven linen-like fabric or muslin. Locking mechanism called a gator clip is used to lock each chair into place to prevent movement. The pleated back enables placement anywhere in the room!

  7. Obelisk-Reactive Graphite

    Obelisk-Reactive Graphite

    Inspired by the ancient Egyptian monuments, our Obelisk is made of Portuguese earthenware with a reactive graphite glaze finish. The slender dimensions allow it to be placed in narrow spaces.

    Square Handle Amphora Urn-Matte White

    Square Handle Amphora Urn-Matte White

    Our Square Handle Amphora Urn is inspired by ancient Egyptian amphora urns originally used for storage and transport. Ours is made of hand-formed Italian clay with a matte white glaze.

  8. Gold Banded Decanter

    Gold Banded Decanter

    Our Gold Banded Decanter is crafted from thick Polish glass with hand-painted real 24K gold rings circling the decanter.

    Crystal Owl

    Crystal Owl

    Unique triangular piece of crystal with one etched circle on the backside. When the circle is seen from the front of the crystal, the illusion is created of the owl having two eyes.

  9. Handle Vase-Silver

    Handle Vase-Silver

    Reminiscent of Roman amphoras used to transport water, Our Handle Vases are ceramic with a mold-formed base and a hand-applied handle. Elegant antiqued electroplated silver finish.

    Cylinder Hurricane W/Rim-Nickel

    Cylinder Hurricane W/Rim-Nickel

    Our Cylinder Hurricanes are truly global! The glass and polished nickel plated solid brass metal pieces are made in India while the large round crystal block is made in China. All components are shipped and assembled in our Dallas, TX warehouse.

  10. Swirl Lamp-Nickel w/Black Granite

    Swirl Lamp-Nickel w/Black Granite

    The Swirl Lamp is quite the statement piece with its organic cast aluminum shape and oversized rectangular shade. Nickel-plated finish and black granite base.

    S/3 Wall Rocks-Frosted Gold

    S/3 Wall Rocks-Frosted Gold

    Glass Wall rocks made of polished glass with a frosted gold finish. Set of 3.

  11. Low Metal Vertical Stripe Box-Nickel/Brass

    Low Metal Vertical Stripe Box-Nickel/Brass

    Our Low Metal Vertical Stripe Boxes are hand-carved wood with alternating hand-applied brass and German white metal sheets making stripes. Each metal stripe is hand-tacked into place giving it a beautiful texture. Box lids are made to look invisible.

    Teardrop Glass Lamp-Amber

    Teardrop Glass Lamp-Amber

    The Teardrop Glass Lamp is mold formed glass on a crystal base. Holds one 60W "A" bulb and has a socket switch.

  12. Rock Pillow-Grey-Pebble Shape

    Rock Pillow-Grey-Pebble Shape

    These cushions are based on rock formation. The collection really came together after a trip to North Wales. Walking on the mountain ‘Knigt’ one sees the many variations of shape and formation from very sharp to soft flowing forms.

    Elongated Oval Mirror-Brass

    Elongated Oval Mirror-Brass

    Substantial in size, The Elongated Oval Mirror has a beveled mirror and steel frame with brass plating in the perfect elliptical shape.

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