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From a fashion forward accessory company, Global Views is now your total home resource. Furniture designed with both style and comfort in mind, statement chandeliers, sconces and lamps, and an assortment of rugs and mirrors to complement, all add beauty and joy to your living environment.



  1. Beaded Curve Triple C/H-Brass

    Beaded Curve Triple C/H-Brass

    Our Beaded Curved Triple Candleholders are polished brass with a natural, organic texture. The smaller size can nest in the larger to create a two level candleholder. Holds a 3"Dia. Candle.

    S/5 Glass Wall Gems-Clear W/Gold

    S/5 Glass Wall Gems-Clear W/Gold

    Glass Wall gems made of polished glass with a light metallic gold washed finish. Set of 5.

  2. Curly Mirror-Antique Gold

    Curly Mirror-Antique Gold

    Curled recycled metal from lathe machine left over materials formed around a convex mirror in a circular frame. Antique gold finish.

    Long Nose Vase-Blue

    Long Nose Vase-Blue

    Italian slip cast ceramic with a whimsical face.

  3. Organic Formed Bowl-Gold Rim

    Organic Formed Bowl-Gold Rim

    Polish art glass with an organic feel and hand painted real gold rim.

    Optic Mirror Box-Tawny

    Optic Mirror Box-Tawny

    Store all of your keepsakes in our Optic Mirror Box. Made with bullseye beveled mirrors, the interior is lined with black velvet, has an inner chain support and sits on brass ball feet.

  4. Soleil Mirror-Brass

    Soleil Mirror-Brass

    The face of Apollo was often portrayed surrounded by the rays of the sun. Roger Thomas invites you to become a Greek god or goddess by gazing into the Soleil mirror. Made of solid brass.

    Man in Circle Sculpture-Bronze

    Man in Circle Sculpture-Bronze

    The Man in Circle Sculpture is the latest in the Global Views' human form sculptures. Cast iron in brass with a textured body placed on a black granite base.

  5. ~S/2 Mouren Sculptures-White

    ~S/2 Mouren Sculptures-White

    The Mouren S/2 White Sculptures are a new addition to the Lemieux Et Cie Collection. These pieces are inspired by modernist sculptors of the past, made from cast aluminum. These organic shapes are the perfect objects for any space.

    Kimono Vase-Teal

    Kimono Vase-Teal

    Influenced by the shape of a Japanese kimono, these unique slip molded Portuguese ceramic vases are finished with a deep blue reactive glaze.

  6. 2 Tier Tube Flower Holder-With Glass Tubes

    2 Tier Tube Flower Holder-With Glass Tubes

    Made of forged iron in a bronze finish with gold highlights on the edges. There is a total 8 glass tubes on 2 levels giving height and variation that you can arrange within the piece. Works beautifully individually against a wall or flat service or floating on a table or you could order a pair and place them back to back to back to make a complete round circle. Generously sized individual glass tubes with a rolled edge.

    Smoke Footed Compote

    Smoke Footed Compote

    The Smoke Fluted Compote is handblown by artisans in Italy. Thick smoke colored glass joins solid gold leaf accents on the base to create the perfect decorative accent.

  7. Alabaster Sphere Box-White

    Alabaster Sphere Box-White

    Beautifully carved alabaster sphere boxes with flattened bottom edge. The spheres are cut in half and hollowed out for storage use. As alabaster is a natural product, please be aware that there will always be variations in veining and color. This is to be expected and makes every alabaster product uniquely your own.

    Bell-Bottom Glass-Platinum

    Bell-Bottom Glass-Platinum

    Our Bell-Bottom Glass is crafted from mold-formed Polish glass with a beveled hand-painted real platinum rim.

  8. Hands on Sphere Holder-Silver Leaf

    Hands on Sphere Holder-Silver Leaf

    Abstract hand shapes have been cast in solid iron with silver leaf finish and includes 5 inch crystal sphere.

    Two-Toned Vase-Silver/White

    Two-Toned Vase-Silver/White

    Our Two-Toned Vase is a slip-molded ceramic with a long, antiqued electroplated silver neck. A textured white glaze covers the remainder of the body.

  9. Simple Marble Vase-Black

    Simple Marble Vase-Black

    Our Simple Marble Vases are watertight. Cylinder shapes are formed from blocks of marble and hollowed by a lathe machine. Place medium size in the refridgerator to chill and then use as a champagne or wine cooler.

    S/4 Hammered Footed Wine Glasses-Clear W/Gold Rim

    S/4 Hammered Footed Wine Glasses-Clear W/Gold Rim

    Mouth blown glass with hammered texture and handpainted gold rim.

  10. Acrylic Sconce-Nickel-HW

    Acrylic Sconce-Nickel-HW

    Elegant in style, our Acrylic Sconce has varying heights of acrylic tubes held in place by a solid brass nickel-plated central 'belt'. Narrow in depth and completely hides the light bulbs.

    Teardrop Glass Lamp-Orange

    Teardrop Glass Lamp-Orange

    The Teardrop Glass Lamp is mold formed glass on a crystal base. Holds one 60W "A" bulb and has a socket switch.

  11. Rock Pillow-Camel-Trapezoid Shape

    Rock Pillow-Camel-Trapezoid Shape

    Fine grained metamorphic rock that split into smooth flat plates or layers. Welsh slate mines and the compressed layers of rock formed over millions of years and its staggered form was the inspiration.

    Broken Pediment Mirror-Gold Leaf

    Broken Pediment Mirror-Gold Leaf

    A baroque style mirror having a gap at the apex and finished with gold leaf.

  12. Etched Bottle

    Etched Bottle

    Italian ceramic Etched Bottles are hand-formed and impressed with various shapes and designs. Dimension is added to the patterns with hand painting. Each size has a unique pattern.

    Daisy Vase

    Daisy Vase

    Italian ceramic with hand-painted design. Each vase is unique.

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