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From a fashion forward accessory company, Global Views is now your total home resource. Furniture designed with both style and comfort in mind, statement chandeliers, sconces and lamps, and an assortment of rugs and mirrors to complement, all add beauty and joy to your living environment.



  1. Rock Pillow-Grey-Trapezoid Shape

    Rock Pillow-Grey-Trapezoid Shape

    Fine grained metamorphic rock that split into smooth flat plates or layers. Welsh slate mines and the compressed layers of rock formed over millions of years and its staggered form was the inspiration.

    Antique Mirror in Brass Folding Tray Table

    Antique Mirror in Brass Folding Tray Table

    Functioning folding tray and occasional table with beveled mirror and leather strap stays.

  2. Quatrefoil Sconce-Brass-HW

    Quatrefoil Sconce-Brass-HW

    Roger Thomas was inspired by chinoiserie, the most exotic influence of the 18th century decorative arts. Reinvent it's romance for the 21st century with our pendant sconce. Made of solid brass with a quatrefoil design on the back plate. Crisp, pleated bottom finial. Hardback fabric shade.

    Van Dyke-Teal

    Van Dyke-Teal

    Who remembers the Dick Van Dyke show? These mid-century quilt stitched starburst velvet pillows were inspired by pillows from that TV show.

  3. ~Alix Chair

    ~Alix Chair

    The Alix Chair has it all: a strong silhouette with crisp and contemporary lines; a nod to midcentury design, but with a modern perspective; a dramatic floating frame over blackened steel legs with an elegant angular back; rich, soft bouclé upholstery, and comfort galore. Built to exacting standards, this piece suits nearly any décor.

    Framed Console

    Framed Console

    The Framed Console is made of hardwood construction with brass sheeting and cast resin panels, lined in American white oak with two adjustable shelves.

  4. Ripple Flare Top Melon Vase-Orange

    Ripple Flare Top Melon Vase-Orange

    Italian ceramic vase with hand-carved ripple texture and reactive glaze.

    Faux Pyrite Vases-Black w/Silver

    Faux Pyrite Vases-Black w/Silver

    Our Faux Pyrite Vases are truly unique Italian ceramic pieces that mimic the exact lines and shapes of the natural mineral. Like pyrite surfaces, some of the sides are polished and shiny while other sides have striated lines. Offered in black with gold finish or black with silver finish.

  5. Confetti Shoulder Vase-Black/Beige

    Confetti Shoulder Vase-Black/Beige

    The Shoulder Vase is mold-formed blown Polish art glass with black and beige flecks of colored glass. Each is individually created, so colors may vary.

    Compass Rose Tray-Brass

    Compass Rose Tray-Brass

    Each tray has a white glass outer frame, a compass rose etched on the underside of the glass with a silver finish and brass fittings.

  6. Face Box -Thai Silver

    Face Box -Thai Silver

    Our cast iron Face Box with interior and exterior coating of Thai silver leaf. Flat backside ensures surface stability.

    Tulip Table-Silver

    Tulip Table-Silver

    Our Tulip Table is made of carved wood and MDF with a German antiqued silver metal leaf cladding and smoked glass top. The texture keeps the wood, MDF and metal leaf adhesive together.

  7. Gallery Folding Bar-Shiny Brass

    Gallery Folding Bar-Shiny Brass

    Our Gallery Folding Bar is our most extravagant bar to date! It has 5 legs with smooth glide, functional wheels. The middle leg locks into place with a pin and hook or unlocks to move the bar cart a full 180 degrees. Beautiful galleries surround both levels of the bar. Made of solid brass with shiny brass finish and paired with tempered glass surface.

    S/3 Wall Rocks-Frosted Gold W/Amber

    S/3 Wall Rocks-Frosted Gold W/Amber

    Glass Wall rocks made of polished glass with a frosted gold and amber finish. Set of 3.

  8. High Metal Vertical Stripe Box-Nickel/Brass

    High Metal Vertical Stripe Box-Nickel/Brass

    Our High Metal Stripe Boxes are hand-carved wood with alternating hand-applied brass and German white metal sheets making stripes. Each metal stripe is hand-tacked into place giving it a beautiful texture. Box lids are made to look invisible.

    Marble Stack Lamp

    Marble Stack Lamp

    Stacked layers of white marble separated by collars of brass plated steel. Holds two “A” bulbs with two pull chains and a brass finial. Hardback fabric shade.

  9. Rock Pillow-Camel-Left

    Rock Pillow-Camel-Left

    These cushions are based on rock formation. The collection really came together after a trip to North Wales. Walking on the mountain ‘Knigt’ one sees the many variations of shape and formation from very sharp to soft flowing forms.

    Frosted Grey Bowl W/Amber Casing

    Frosted Grey Bowl W/Amber Casing

    Cased glass bowl made in amber colored interiors with grey exteriors. Both the interior and exterior are originally shiny glass, until our artisans apply a chemical etching to the exterior surface to help create a soft texture giving contrast to the shiny interior. The final design has been hand "pulled" while still molten into the shapes you see here, and also "pinched" on the front edge to add special emphasis to the bulging shape where the tip originates.

  10. Cased Glass Stripe Vase-Grey

    Cased Glass Stripe Vase-Grey

    Italian mouth blown art glass with designs created with an optic tool.

    Deco Console

    Deco Console

    The Deco Console is handcrafted in hardwood with hand-applied and hand textured brass sheeting finished with antique wash.

  11. Mouchoir Bowls

    Mouchoir Bowls

    The Mouchoirs are sculptural, whimsical bowls whose light form belies its materiality. Handmade matte white Italian ceramic with a grid relief on the exterior.

    Framed Printed Canvas-Modernist-Bounce

    Framed Printed Canvas-Modernist-Bounce

    These beautiful paintings were created in-house for Global Views by our Creative Director, Mr. George Sellers and designer, Mr. Ely Sellers. They are reproductions of handpainted originals that were done on a coarse weave proprietary canvas. Framed in a very simplistic 1/2 inch thick by 1 inch deep matte black frame with a black reveal between the canvas and frame.

  12. Scoop Bowl-Matte White

    Scoop Bowl-Matte White

    Our Scoop Bowl is made of double-walled Portuguese slip-mold ceramic with an exaggerated handle inspired by the ancient Chinese soup spoon.

    Concave Mirror

    Concave Mirror

    The Concave Mirror is a singular piece of glass with a concave shape and mirroring on the curves of the back. Walking towards the mirror, you reflection is upside down. Your reflection flips to right-side up and magnified as you walk closer. An industrial-sized hanger on the back disperses the 60 lb weight evenly across the wall cleat.

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