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From a fashion forward accessory company, Global Views is now your total home resource. Furniture designed with both style and comfort in mind, statement chandeliers, sconces and lamps, and an assortment of rugs and mirrors to complement, all add beauty and joy to your living environment.



  1. Anna Bowl

    Anna Bowl

    Uniquely patterned ceramic strips are woven together to create the Anna bowl, as beautiful empty as she is full of a contrasting fresh fruit. Matte white ceramic and handmade in Italy.

    Framed Printed Canvas-Modernist-Smoked- 48"x96"

    Framed Printed Canvas-Modernist-Smoked- 48"x96"

    These beautiful paintings were created in-house for Global Views by our Creative Director, Mr. George Sellers and designer, Mr. Ely Sellers. They are reproductions of handpainted originals that were done on a coarse weave proprietary canvas. Framed in a very simplistic 1/2 inch thick by 1 inch deep matte black frame with a black reveal between the canvas and frame.

  2. Classic Pitcher-Matte White

    Classic Pitcher-Matte White

    This Portuguese ceramic pitcher has an exquisite reactive glaze similar to that found on Greco-Roman serveware.

    Bean Bevel Mirror

    Bean Bevel Mirror

    The Bean Bevel Mirror is beveled in an abstract shape made by Italian artisans using sophisticated machinery. An industrial-sized hanger on the back disperses 55 lb weight evenly across the wall cleat.

  3. Slant Vase-Clear w/Bubbles

    Slant Vase-Clear w/Bubbles

    Unique mold-formed colored glass vase created in a small art glass factory located in the south-eastern point of Poland. Bubbles are produced by chemical reaction in the glass when in a molten state. Each piece is unique, so amount and size of bubbles may vary.

    Crystal Pentagonal Table Lamp

    Crystal Pentagonal Table Lamp

    Made from a five-sided piece of crystal with a pentagonal base and finial, our Crystal Pentagonal Table Lamp has nickel-plated brass fittings.

  4. Dimple Vase-Silver

    Dimple Vase-Silver

    Our Dimple Vases and pot are slip-molded ceramic with a dimple motif and electroplated silver finish.

    Peppermint Box-Dark Grey/Ivory

    Peppermint Box-Dark Grey/Ivory

    Our Peppermint Boxes have hand-sewn leather panels in two colors creating a peppermint motif. With a removable lid and lined in suede cloth fabric.

  5. Genie Box-Gold

    Genie Box-Gold

    Our Genie Boxes are crafted from the finest Portuguese ceramic and feature an electroplated gold finish.

    Gypsum Bar Cabinet

    Gypsum Bar Cabinet

    With an intricate design of selenite minerals on the front panels in a sunburst pattern, The Gypsum Bar Cabinet has a base covered in brass metal sheeting, cast aluminum hardware, adjustable European hinges, interior mirrored back and glass shelves.

  6. S/3 Marble Top Nesting Tables-Brass

    S/3 Marble Top Nesting Tables-Brass

    Handforged aluminum with bronze finish and white marble tops.

    Ellipse Bedside Cabinet-Black

    Ellipse Bedside Cabinet-Black

    The Ellipse Bedside Cabinet is generously sized with a perfect ellipse shape made of black stained American white oak veneers cut into quadrants to create a beautiful wood grain pattern. Covered in black leather and brass-plated steel.

  7. Mod Link Vase-Terracotta

    Mod Link Vase-Terracotta

    Made from hand-formed terracotta ceramic with a unique wax technique called dodging.

    Facette Column Sculpture-White Base

    Facette Column Sculpture-White Base

    Roger Thomas has collected eccentric faceted rock crystal shapes for 20 years. Stacking them in a delightful column is the inspiration for this design. White marble base.

  8. Frosted Amber Bowl W/Blue Casing

    Frosted Amber Bowl W/Blue Casing

    Cased glass bowl made in blue colored interiors with amber exteriors. Both the interior and exterior are originally shiny glass, until our artisans apply a chemical etching to the exterior surface to help create a soft texture giving contrast to the shiny interior. The final design has been hand "pulled" while still molten into the shapes you see here, and also "pinched" on the front edge to add special emphasis to the bulging shape where the tip originates.

    ~Black Cased Glass Poured Candle

    ~Black Cased Glass Poured Candle

    Made of paraffin & soy wax, cased glass is when the interior glass is colored and is cased with an exterior shell of another piece of glass we call ice (clear), 3-wick candle

  9. Golden Footed Compote

    Golden Footed Compote

    The Golden Fluted Compote is handblown by artisans in Italy. Thick clear glass joins solid gold leaf accents on the base to create the perfect decorative accent.

    Flare Top Melon Vase

    Flare Top Melon Vase

    Exquisite vase with abstract hand-painting and reactive glaze.

  10. Faux Pyrite Vases-Black w/Gold

    Faux Pyrite Vases-Black w/Gold

    Our Faux Pyrite Vases are truly unique Italian ceramic pieces that mimic the exact lines and shapes of the natural mineral. Like pyrite surfaces, some of the sides are polished and shiny while other sides have striated lines. Offered in black with gold finish or black with silver finish.

    Confetti Shoulder Vase-Red/Beige

    Confetti Shoulder Vase-Red/Beige

    The Shoulder Vase is mold-formed blown Polish art glass with red and beige flecks of colored glass. Each is individually created, so colors may vary.

  11. Beveled Mirror Box-Grey

    Beveled Mirror Box-Grey

    Beveled on four sides (bevel on bevel), The Beveled Mirror Box is lined in black velvet, has inner chain support and sits on brass ball feet.

    Necklace Mirror-Silver Leaf

    Necklace Mirror-Silver Leaf

    Inspired by a necklace, beautiful rectangular metal scoops of varying size separated by metal bars create a rhythmic shape in silver leaf finish.

  12. Tulip Table-Brass

    Tulip Table-Brass

    Our Tulip Table is made of carved wood and MDF with a German antiqued brass metal leaf cladding and smoked glass top. The texture keeps the wood, MDF and metal leaf adhesive together.

    Gallery Folding Bar-Shiny Nickel

    Gallery Folding Bar-Shiny Nickel

    Our Gallery Folding Bar is our most extravagant bar to date! It has 5 legs with smooth glide, functional wheels. The middle leg locks into place with a pin and hook or unlocks to move the bar cart a full 180 degrees. Beautiful galleries surround both levels of the bar. Made of solid brass with nickel-plated finish and paired with tempered glass surface.

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