With only a little more than a week to wrap up that Christmas shopping list, we figured we’d offer a little last-minute inspiration with another fabulous gift guide! This one’s for all of those décor-savvy folks on your list… the self-proclaimed decorista, the friend who changes his living room layout seemingly once every other month, the sister who reupholsters her dining room chairs twice a year. We’re all familiar with the type. In fact, it’s probably safe to say that this particular gift guide will inspire a personal wish list for many of us!


1. Luxe Gold Leaf Boxes - Studio A

2. Urchins - DwellStudio by Global Views

3. Candlesticks

- Studio A

4. Ginkgo Leaf Objet - Global Views

5. Chrysanthemum T-Lite Holders - Global Views

6. Triangle Stripe Box - DwellStudio by Global Views

7. Tubular Burst Sculpture - DwellStudio by Global Views

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