The Rain Chandelier from Global Views is an impressive, massive piece of both lighting and art. The large Rain Chandelier commands presence with its 260 textured glass canes and 16 bulbs. Each cane contains a striated texture to help maximize light refraction. See for yourself how each glass cane is individually crafted in this video below.

global views rain chandelier - lg

The smaller version of the Rain Chandelier | 9.93059 is also quite impressive, and it’s better-suited for slightly smaller spaces.

global views rain chandelier - small

For hallway or transitional spaces, check out the Rain Wall Sconce-HW | 9.93092.

global views rain wall sconce- hardwired

The inspiration behind the Rain Chandelier harkens back to the 1930s and the work emerging from Works Progress Administration (WPA) projects. The WPA employed many artists, and these artists helped adorn the spaces and walls of many buildings like train stations, government buildings, and post offices. Several major projects that emerged from this era embraced the Beaux Arts concept. Beaux Arts was an era marked by a strong influence from French neoclassical ideas, while at the same incorporating more modern elements like iron and glass.

One source of inspiration for the Rain Chandelier is the historic post office located in Fort Worth, Texas. The building contained lots of stone and bronze, with small moments of ornate detail that catch you by surprise.

Want to see photos of Fort Worth’s historic post office. See photos of the magnificent Fort Worth post office:


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