We challenged our talented design team to tackle this year's Brand Catalog from a very unique perspective.  We found three architecturally different residences upon which to build and devoted a team to each home.  No boundaries were placed.......each team could pull from all of our available brand resources to create the perfect home environments.  Entryways, living rooms, dining rooms, studies, bedrooms, and outdoor spaces were all planned and executed for each location.  Floor plans were drawn for each space, lines and collections were allocated to each team, and the end results are in the first section of this book called the "HOME TOUR".  Mixing Global Views and Studio A along with all of our brand partners' products created memorable spaces.


The most traditional architectural setting - grand in scale, with sweeping archways, expansive rooms, crisp white walls and moldings, exquisite hardwood and marble flooring throughout.


A soaring two- story ceiling height in the main living area, and a very tapering, narrow footprint presented unique challenges. The modern, simplistic architecture  became a blank slate to create a captivating home environment.


Comfortable and cozy describe this home built in 1938. Oak hardwood floors, simple ivory trim and wall color, and smaller-scale rooms with lower ceiling heights created an intimate environment from which to build.