• 9.92503 9.92504
9.92503 9.92504
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9.92503 Pinwheel Candle Holder-Brass
  • 14"Dia. x 8"H
  • Holds 3"Dia. Pillar Candles
9.92504 "S" C/H-Brass
  • 14"L x 4.5"W x 8.25"H
  • Holds 3"Dia. Pillar Candles

Though completely stationary, our Pinwheel and S Candle Holders create a display of movement on any surface you place them on. The pieces, made of solid polished brass, have limitless options in how you place them. Show them together for a nesting tablescape or individually for a cleaner look, the options are never-ending! Available in two sizes: small (holds two 3" pillar candles) and large (holds three 3" pillar candles).