• 4.90038 4.90054 4.90056
4.90038 4.90054 4.90056
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4.90038 Baluster C/H-Mercury Glass
  • 5.25"Dia. x 12.25"H
  • Holds a 4"Dia. Pillar Candle
4.90054 Cheltenham C/H-Mercury Glass
  • 6.25"Dia. x 7"H
  • Holds a 4"Dia. Pillar Candle
4.90056 Britannia C/H-Mercury Glass
  • 6"Dia. x 16"H
  • Holds a 4"Dia. Pillar Candle

Pewter was the metal of choice for household goods in early America. It was bright, durable and easy to transport, and remained popular until the emerging brass industry gave it competition in the early 1700's. The candleholders in this collection were inspired by different pewter objects, primarily candlesticks, from the Colonial Williamsburg collections, that have translated into mirrored glass with softened edges and rounded lines