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Ag2.20006 ag2.20007
AG2.20006 Argento Bed-King
  • 84.25"L x 89.75"W x 52"H
  • Headboard: 89.75"W x 52"H x 8.25"Deep
  • Footboard: 80.5"W x 12"H x 1.25"Deep
AG2.20007 Argento Bed-Queen
  • 84.25"L x 73.5"W x 52"H
  • Headboard Wing: 8"W
  • Headboard: 73.5"W x 52"H x 8.25"Deep
  • Footboard: 64.5"W x 12"H x 1.25"Deep

The Argento collection is inspired by finely textured, intricate Florentine silverwork, mixing soft shine and modern silhouettes. Each piece mixes silvered raffia coverings with pewter metal trim.