Color is one of the many things that Global Views does best. From product assortment, merchandising, marketing, and market attire, we are known and trusted to liven up a showroom or building or home with color. Buyers and designers look to GV for trends and inspiration in color. It is one of the most fun parts of our work. We thought we would share a few color facts, as we will soon be heading to markets organized around color and style. (See attachment after you finish this short message.) Colors are interpreted by the chemicals and electrical signals in our brains in ways unique to that color. Each of us will have unique biological and sociological responses to color. We all have emotional, physical, and intellectual reactions to even the most subtle shifts in colors. These will change throughout our life time. So as you are out and about or surfing the internet, start noticing how you react to colors you come across and see if you can determine how the user selected the color to tell their story better. How can we use it to better communicate through our design? Global Views tells its global color story in a powerful, universally-understood language. Kuddos to those who assist in crafting that story for us.