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Mirror Match Marble Rug-Neutrals

Mirror Match Marble Rug-Neutrals-5 x 8

Overall 96"L (31 lbs)
Overall 243.84cm L (14.06 kg)

80% Viscose, 20% Cotton

Mirror Match Marble Rug-Neutrals-6 x 9

Overall 108"L x 72"W (37 lbs)
Overall 274.32cm L x 182.88cm W (16.78 kg)

80% Viscose, 20% Cotton

Mirror Match Marble Rug-Neutrals-8 x 10

Overall 120"L (72 lbs)
Overall 304.8cm L (32.66 kg)

80% Viscose, 20% Cotton

Mirror Match Marble Rug-Neutrals-9 x 12

Overall 144"L x 108"W (90 lbs)
Overall 365.76cm L x 274.32cm W (40.82 kg)

80% Viscose, 20% Cotton

Screen printed bamboo silk rug with motif of mirror matched marble. Marbled rug print is cut at 90 degree angle and then formed together to create a full sheet, make these wonderful marble mirrored appearance joints. If the four quadrants are put together to form a rectangle, the results are stunning with the continuation of the pattern appearing in the center like a Rorschach test pattern. Very unique and 'now' in design and feel.
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